NADP TRA National Academy of Defence Production – Training

Executive Summary

NADP is a training department catering training to Class A officers of Indian Defense Academy. The department executes various courses for probationary and permanent officers deputed across India.


All the processes at NADP were manually executed over the paper / with the use of excel. The requirement was a centralized solution which can be accessed over the intranet and can cater all the processes followed at NADP for execution of the courses. The requirement was fully configurable application which could incorporate processes such as employee management, course finalization,nomination management, and accommodation management, pick up management, attendance, exam management and finally feedback on the courses executed.

As all the processes followed below were some of the challenges

  • Report generation was a tedious job.
  • Repetition of work
  • Consolidation of data
  • Availability of proper information
  • Transparency in the process
  • Awareness of the scheduled upcoming courses
  • Communication gap with officers for updates.


Implementing the solution proved a boon for the users of NADP. The application was available across all the units of NADP. All the users (officers) were able to view the latest upcoming courses. The application also sorted the course which was specifically designed for specific grades of employees. All the employees could centrally nominate themselves and online approval process could easy the process of scrutinize the list of applicants. The approved list candidates were available to the course directors for the further process. On confirmation of the candidate, officers also were able to raise the pick-up & hostel request to the department, based on which vehicle and room allocations were done. The process was followed by the execution of course, capturing of attendance, execution of exam process and finally feedback on the employees and faculty. The process also handled services rendered to the faculty such as pick up, hostel, etc. Course directors were able to record the allocated and actual budget heads along with the finalization of time table of the course.

According to ITC department, their work load has reduced by almost 80%, as they don’t have to perform the data entry every time. The system is so flexible and master based that helps users to reduce human efforts to duplicate data entry. The raw bust reports available in the system are very flexible and excellent and provide us the all the details required. Implementation of the solution has also helped us to monitor the processes being followed as described by NADP


NADP-TRA is a cross browser based ASP.NET MVC application which handles all processes followed for smooth execution of the course. The solution consisted of the seamless integration of all modules. The solution consisted of below modules.


  • Comprehensive, integrated online solution covering all operations
  • Quick Go-Live
  • Easy scalability and flexibility to accommodate new masters and users anytime, anywhere access


  • Dash Board
  • User Management
  • System Management
  • Course Management
  • Program Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Participants.