Design and Development

RnR Datalex is known for the beautiful, optimized and functional designing of websites. A website is the reflection of your business, and we understand it to the core, in order to design and develop a solution - that helps to showcase your business via Internet medium and also, makes it easier to manage content on the web page with minimal technical knowledge.


How we approach to build
your website?

Business Research and Review

Business runs on a large scope and requires to deal with several live scenarios and tackle customers with their atypical queries. Having experience and partnering products for different industries, we take complete insights of any business prospect and propose a solution which can determine the best outcome, as thought by stakeholders. Our research includes evaluating the needs and business operations in order to document the scope of work that best gives the desired output.

Design and Mock-ups

Upon successful agreement of both parties, involved in the business. Our creative designers handcraft a home page design of your proposed website with the aforementioned colors and design style. This gives you a clear view of “How exactly your web business will look alike?”

User Experience

Confirmation gives us a call to move ahead with the front end development, which enhances the mock-ups, giving a lively touch by arranging the content and forms in an interactive way. Your visitors will be astounded with the interface that holds the capability of engaging and holding them to stay long on your website.

Functional Development

Functional working of the website is required for the management of the activities and business operations. With content management systems, you can control your operations performing at back-end interface and know how your users and visitors are communicating about your business. The development varies depending upon the functionalities requirement and features – which were agreed on mutual consent.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance looks specifically to deliver a quality product to avoid unnecessary simple errors and functioning. Our experienced and knowledgeable testers, run through the scope of work and identifies whether the desired functions are working properly or not. They even check for simple errors such as spelling mistakes to complex ones like multi-browser and mobile compatibility, making it sure that even the administrative functions are working seamlessly.


Hosting websites means acquiring space on the internet to host your website. We suggest and book a domain name for your virtual internet business and host web services as well as perform relative activities in order to make the hosting space secure and reliable to run the business.


Launching website means going live and inaugurating your online business. This is a big day, and we take complete care of your uploads and migrate the content database to live, Once your business is live with all transitioning and technical aspects, we can also promote your launch and business too – take a look at the marketing services we offer.